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THE BACK STORY: While pop punk may be seen to be lacking any originality lately, Between You & Me are producing anthemic tunes to prove the naysayers wrong. Australia is slowly becoming renowned for its sunkissed pop punk. Following in the

Since 2017, PACIFIC have ran riot on the UK airwaves with no signs of slowing down; delivering their unique blend of alternative rock with indie nuances.   Words: Samantha Simm / Chris Horrocks | Cover Photo: Susana Ross THE BACKSTORY: Ascending from

The Backstory: Only The Poets make the sort of music you’d imagine soundtracking Made In Chelsea for people who get smashed in Wetherspoons on £8 pitchers Looking at the stars whilst flat down in the gutter A 4 piece from

Hailing from York, indie punk rockers Faux Pas have recently been taking their ear & eye catching live show around the rest of the UK. After just finishing their headline TV Made Me Paranoid Tour, SOUNDS sat down with

Alt-Hip Hop artist gives SOUNDS an exclusive on his curious appellation

Gus Dapperton is a one off. The best way to understand what the 22 year old is all about is by watching his quirky yet cinematically eye pleasing Music videos. “Prune You Talk Funny” which starts with him being chased

Black Midi are one of the most ambitious bands in the UK at the moment. From the polyrhythmic guitar playing to some of the song lengths there is no stopping them. Scarcely using social media, the band have made a

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