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(Sounds Exclusive Print Preview) We chewed the white noise with a man who needs little introduction. Ex-Kraftwerk percussionist and solo musician Wolfgang Flür has had a music career so illustrious that he remembers the original SOUNDS! We caught up with him

"It’s great seeing strong black men doing their ting, being righteous!” As the lights at Blackburn’s King George’s Hall descended upon a night with Lancashire’s own Black Grape, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia beyond my years. Shaun

Spiders From Mars Drummer, and last remaining band member Woody Woodmansey talks Bowie, Holy Holy, McCartney, Rita Ora and Sociology. Following our interview, Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey is outside smoking a cigarette. We’re discussing how it is sad that artists can’t smoke

After leaving Punk/New Wave icons The Stranglers nearly 30 years ago and about to enter his 8th decade, frontman and principal songwriter Hugh Cornwell has refused to rest on his well earned laurels. SOUNDS caught up with the man in

With Dave Grohl recently hailing them as one of the best live bands around today, The Struts have been captivating audiences across the United States with comparisons being made to Queen and The Rolling Stones. Ahead of their sold out

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