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SUMMER OF '69 - PEACE AND LOVE With a sold-out attendance, this years festivities included rain, last minute additions, last minute cancellations, and a tornado. But despite that - Isle Of Wight Festival still delivers as a top tier UK festival.

‘Toilet Tales’ is a SOUNDS exclusive chapter taken from the upcoming memoirs of Kim Hawes, one of the very few female rock tour managers of the time. Kim worked with the likes of Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Chumbawumba in

Following the successful release of his debut track Madness earlier this week,Leeds born and raised artist Calio Franks, more commonly known as Black Buddha reveals all in an exclusive interview about his life as a young artist in the rap

What has a wicked line up, an incredible charity cause and had this girl flying across the US on a week’s notice? 5 Seconds of Summer’s first-ever benefit concert for their new rotating initiative brand, Friends of Friends, that’s what.

IN THE MIX - Where legendary producers talk about classic singles Iconic Producer Steve Levine discusses Culture Club’s 1982 mega single ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’ Producer Steve Levine We all know the single is back, streaming has helped with that

Back in March this year, the Manchester musician Adio Marchant, aka Bipolar Sunshine, sent out a tweet which read: “It won’t be long before Manchester artists start invading the charts regularly. WORLDWIDE THO. Manchester is gonna come in like Toronto.

Part 1: Hitsville USA Berry Gordy Jr outside Hitsville USA with The Supremes and Holland, Dozier and Holland. (Unknown Photographer) “I wanted songs for the whites, blacks, the Jews, Gentiles, the cops and the robbers… I wanted everybody to enjoy my