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What has football got to do with music you ask? Well, here you have it: Bands FC. The brainchild of Mark Liptrott, founder of Concrete Studios and Nick Fraser, the merchandiser for The Charlatans. Music and footie have always gone hand

The solo project of Peter Sagar, deliver dreamy synths and laid back beats to a sell-out Manchester crowd. Homeshake recently released a fourth album 'Helium' on Sinderlyn Records. The album demonstrates the ties between minimalism and dream-pop exploration. The productions can

Maya Bouldry-Morrison releases her most “vulnerable work to date” Brooklyn based Octo Octa, AKA Maya Bouldry-Morrison was handed her first big break in 2011 with the EP 'Let Me See You' on LA label 100% Silk. Since that pivotal moment, Maya