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Liverpool’s worst kept secret look set to take over your summer with second single release. 'The Outside Looking in' will be released on Skeleton Key records on April 12th 2019. After releasing debut single ‘Release the evidence’ back in late 2018,

Part 1: Hitsville USA Berry Gordy Jr outside Hitsville USA with The Supremes and Holland, Dozier and Holland. (Unknown Photographer) “I wanted songs for the whites, blacks, the Jews, Gentiles, the cops and the robbers… I wanted everybody to enjoy my

With the strokes set for a global comeback in 2019, we look at their decade defining debut and music it inspired. It's easy to forget the lull music was in at the beginning of the millennium, come and gone had the

The Black Keys have dropped a new single. 5 years since their last release 'Turn Blue", this was the longest break as a band for the Nashville based duo with Dan Auerbach releasing albums with his band The Arcs (2015)